Services by Mavidian Technologies

First and foremost, our services revolve around Data Conveyer. We not only provide technical support and training, but we also get involved in all aspects of developing integrations that leverage the power of Data Conveyer. We can educate your team, augment your team for the project duration, or deliver the entire solution for you.

Each area of expertise below is supported by years of experience creating custom solutions. Time and time again, our projects were completed on time and budget. Time and time again, there wasn't a lot going on after the project delivery... no calls to report problems... the solution just worked as intended.

We are very confident in our abilities to deliver. So confident that in case of a fully defined, tightly scoped project we are willing to assume risk and offer a fixed estimate for a complete solution delivery.

Here is a representative sample of our areas of expertise.

End to End Development

Obviously, we are intimately familiar with the software development lifecycle, all the way from planning through construction to maintenance. We’ve worked with both traditional as well as agile methodologies. We can take the entire challenge on our own or provide support to your team throughout the process.

Solution Architecture

We definitely possess hands-on skills and are prepared for down to earth development tasks.  But perhaps the best value we can offer is at the higher level of abstraction where we get engaged in envisioning of the solutions and defining their architectures.

Integration and Interoperability

Throughout the years, we have worked with variety of platforms and technologies. We have successfully integrated Facets with third party products via extensions, web services, data transformations and many other techniques. We continually explore new technologies and emerging platforms. We will be happy to collaborate with your in-house experts to address the dilemma "how to make these two systems work together".

Data and System Analysis

Thorough and accurate analysis is critical to many undertakings... whether it's new Facets implementation or version upgrade or perhaps introduction of a new software funcionality. Our intimate familiarity with Facets data models, experience with variety of technologies and attention to detail can help you identify impact early and thus facilitate smooth transition into the project execution.


No system is perfect.  You may be experiencing occasional system crashes. Or you may be noticing data becoming corrupted from time to time. Or it may be related to performance, perhaps on some days your nightly batch window is too small. Let us work with your team on identifying the root cause. Our years of experience working with various Facets installations can make a difference.

Code and Design Review

The famous 1-10-100 rule  comes to mind. We can reduce your software costs by correcting defects early or preventing them altogether. If you are planning software deployment, let us review your code before promoting it into production. Or better yet, contact us early in the process, so that we can participate in the design phase and help in avoiding potential rework.

Facets Extensibility

When it comes to Facets extensions, there is very little we may not know about.  Over the years, we have created numerous extensions of all kinds, not only XCOM and embedded, but also using legacy technologies, such as XSQL and even XWIN.  We have done extensive research to explore inner-workings of Facets extensibility platform.  We welcome inquiries on any topic related to Facets extensions.

FXI Services

The FXI service library is a complex platform to integrate Facets with the rest of your enterprise. The broad range of FXI services can be challenging to master. Our experience encompasses numerous projects that involved FXI services along with related aspects, such as Facets security or application server setup and maintenance.

Various FXI Technologies

Sometimes, a solution involves two or more FXI technologies. For example, a Facets extension consumes an FXI service to execute its business logic, or perhaps data sent to the Interactive Driver needs some elements populated by an extension. Often, alternative solutions exist and it is not obvious which one is best. Let us help you define the optimal approach to address your unique requirements.

Facets Customization

There are more ways to customize Facets. For example, batch jobs can be augmented with new steps or actions, custom searches can be introduced, some screen elements can be updated. We've taken this concept a step further: core Facets customization. This is a danger zone not to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, it is a possibility.


We offer training and mentoring of your in-house technical teams. We have standard offerings to help you leverage Data Conveyer to its full potential. In addition, we can provide customized training in other areas of expertise, such as Facets data models or FXI.


There are so many other areas that we can provide value to your business.  We specialize in the proverbial "out of the box" thinking... from exploiting undocumented APIs to leveraging modern techniques and applying unique design patterns. Even if you heard "no, it can't be done" before, please give us a call. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answer.


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