Data Conveyer

Ever wondered why data migration projects are so costly and error-prone?

We can easily convert documents, images and other media into just about any imaginable format. Yet, when it comes to exchanging enterprise data, we still apply the same decades old, “tried and true” approach that results in “hard‑wired”, “one of a kind” integration solutions. Surely, your enterprise data is unique and industry standards like XML or EDI can only reach so far, but that is no excuse to sidestep recent advancements in information technology.

With Data Conveyer, you can leverage the leading-edge data‑centric technology without the fear of going into the unknown. Data Conveyer takes advantage of modern, functional features introduced in recent years into the Microsoft .NET framework, most notably the TPL Dataflow. It harnesses the power of modern, multi-core processors by making extensive use of parallel processing and concurrency. Data Conveyer features a unique, developer‑friendly API, which facilitates rapid creation of sophisticated data migration solutions using a familiar object‑oriented paradigm.

Data Conveyer governs all aspects of data migrations. In addition to the usual mechanisms for input, transformation and output, it handles low-level details, such as data buffering, parallelization, process cancellation, error propagation, and more. Wherever custom logic is needed to address non‑standard parsing, data mapping, routing, formatting, etc., Data Conveyer carefully incorporates supplied code into a complete, fully integrated solution. Such approach enables virtually defect‑free data migration solutions completed in a fraction of the time needed in case of applying traditional techniques. Data Conveyer applies equally to batch processing as well as real‑time solutions.

Data Conveyer is a toolkit and a lightweight transformation engine. It is a self-contained executable (DLL library) that does not require any dedicated infrastructure and can be deployed on any device running .NET 4.5 or higher.

Please refer to these Data Sheets for a summary of features offered by Data Conveyer.

If you would like to see Data Conveyer in action, this self-guided tutorial may be of interest to you. The tutorial is intended for developers, but only basic understanding of .NET programming is required.

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